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My experience was one of the deepest and most powerful I ever had on my journey as an opera singer. They had promised that after the two days we would be changed forever, and it is true. I have no word to describe what happened. It is a fire, a river and a storm. If you ever have the chance to work with Marc Taslit, don't hesitate a minute, just do it. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Anna Cley, NYC and Paris, France (2016)

By the end of 14 hours of workshopping I had laughed and sobbed, held and was held by my fellow singer-actors, and was shaken to my very core. My path to musicality will never be the same. Thank you for what is perhaps the most important experience of my musical life.

Kathryn Parsley, Lubbock, TX (2016)

I feel like ACTING OPERA awoke the animal inside me--I'm ready to give myself fully in performance now!

Rachel Hall, NYC (2016)

I know of no other training like ACTING OPERA -- nowhere else where you can see the transformation of the singer-actor happen literally right in front of your eyes -- from the time they walk in to the time they leave. Having personally participated in a number of Marc's workshops I have seen it happen with scores of singers. And the effect just keeps getting more powerful. It's no wonder that singers from all over the country concur!

James Meny, Voice Teacher
Pittsburgh PA, Austin TX
and via high-tech media

The first thing that struck us was the tremendous growth that had taken place in each singer's level of confidence. They were poised and had no apparent self-consciousness. Their high level of preparation was obvious; they had ease and freedom on-stage, and their enthusiasm was palpable! Each singer's communication, via both words and physical presentation, was powerful, and the audience was genuinely moved and inspired. This was clear in their immediate responses and in their comments afterwards. It was also obvious that the presentations of the singers who had worked with you were, simply put, on a vastly higher plane than the other performers. There is no question as to the enormous positive effects...on each singer. And they can't wait to do it again! Thank you so much!

Anne Turner, Professor of Voice and  
Head of the Opera Theatre, 
Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs NY   

If you value performing as a believable and dynamic artist, this training is for you.

M.D., Los Angeles    

This training unlocks -- and ignites! -- the artist's vocal/dramatic instrument. Performances are exciting, unpredictable and believable!

J.N., New York    

Your classes changed my life! I'm getting great responses!

L.M.S., Tampa    

This kind of acting does so much for the singing!

V.C., Los Angeles    

I was affected in new and unique ways and I don't think I will ever perform the same. [The training] has given me the tools to open up and let it out. I have discovered a peaceful confidence that I have never experienced.

C.V., Austin    

I was also impressed with your availability with everyone. You create an atmosphere of trust and openness. I feel much less judgmental with myself and am able to appreciate my own abilities in a fresh way.

B.K., New York    

Thanks again for showing us all how to open up and be honest. Everyone walked away a different person. We all learned something new--even me, even though it was the 4th time I've taken the class!

J.G., Austin    

Marc Taslit's focused energy guides each individual's talent with respect and nurturing in a non-competitive and enthusiastic environment.

J.D., Chicago    

Great things are happening for me! I got a principle role in a national TV commercial and roles with opera companies in New York City and Connecticut. Thanks for all you've done to help me!

R.C., Dallas    

The workshop was one of the most astounding things that has ever happened to me! I have never connected emotionally or dramatically to the music before in such a profound way ... Thank you again for the guidance and encouragement.

C.D., Austin    

You don't have any idea what an inspiration and encouragement you were to me. I felt the sense of freedom in your class that makes it fun to sing! Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts with us.

E.J., New York    

If you want to experience the thrill of inhabiting a living character that evolves moment to moment, get to an ACTING OPERASM workshop. Marc Taslit leads you skillfully through the maze of play-acting pitfalls to experience Truth in Opera. Opera's never been the same for me!

L.P., Durham    

Rather than 'acting out' in a pre-planned, self-conscious way, I am now able to let go of what happened the moment before and experience each moment as it happens.

K.M., Chicago    

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience I had! ACTING OPERASM is eye-opening and inspirational! I couldn't wait to get to [my studio] and work!

A.T., Austin    

Thank you for your great work, ideas, patience, and passion... keep it up and keep spreading the word!!!

T.J., New York    

I didn't think my second Intensive could possibly be even better than the first one! Another testament to the work.

M.S., New York    

Working with you and the others had such a profound impact on how I feel about acting, music and myself.

J.F., Austin    

ACTING OPERASM training aids the performer in presenting the most human, sensitive experience possible.

J. Kulesza, Music Director of the Opera Dept.,   
Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore    

ACTING OPERASM brings a whole new perspective on acting and expression during singing—and it WORKS! Something wonderful came out of everyone; amazing realness was achieved!

K.W., Michigan State University    

I've always been impressed by your honesty and not being a pushy salesman. You put on a great series. You're the best! First class. I mean it.

K.D., New York    

I had a great time this weekend. You are an extraordinary person, and I think I speak for all of us when I say the workshop was life-changing. Thank you!

K.H., Austin